Nature is what first inspired me into photography and continues to be the main subject in this work.  I do not want to make pretty pictures, I want a deeper impact.  Whether one is a large component or the lack of, both light and darkness are of great importance.  

I used to shoot with a 4x5 film view camera and had a darkroom in my basement, even mixing my own individual black and white chemicals for a time, trying to create my own special developer brew.
I switched to digital in 2008 and have not looked back.

When I shot with a view camera I would take advantage of the cameras movements by moving the plane of focus selecting sharp focus areas, like near and far focus in the image. With digital I have sometimes used two exposures and hand stitching a select area from each exposure into a new image file creating the final image (Not HDR!).  I used to sometimes do this for sharper focus throughout an image but found that will make for two planes of focus and I believe a photographic image should have only one plane of focus.  I now do this procedure only for optimal exposure like when keeping the sky and land within a cameras exposure limits is impossible.  This can be a lot of time and work.  I believe the creative options and creative control are far greater using digital post processing than in my film days. 

Galleries here are by geographic region, subject, and other galleries contain images I keep but for me, do not meet the main galleries qualities. 

All images are copyrighted and it is illegal to download or print an image on this website without permission. Prints and other products are available for purchase by clicking the BUY button in the upper right area of the page, after clicking on an image.  These images show a watermark here but do not show the watermark in the prints.  Depending on your monitor, prints might be a little darker than you see here .

Ryan Spencer